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Anti Microbial Solutions

Our Anti Microbial chemicals are tested by credible government and private agencies, labs and verified by prolonged field studies. We have introduced various products ranging from anti microbial coating COVICOAT TM, disinfectant COVIKILL, anti microbial masks and fabrics.

Waste Water & Sanitation

Our bioremediation products are used in waste water treatment for BOD reduction. These are world class solutions which are concentrated in liquid or powdered form and customized in strength and efficiency based on waste water characteristics.

Fast Composting

RapiCompost is applied, it only affects the dead trash material and does not cause any damage live plants or crops. It can applied during the standing crop and enrcihs the soil fertilty, enhances micro flora. It enables the reduction in the chemical fertilizers.

Organic Mosquito Control

The non toxic bio formulations are engineered to control mosquitos in a very scientific manner on land and water and others without harming flora, fauna and human beings.

Odor Control

Our powerful odor, H2S and VOC neutralizer solutions are non toxic and non corrosive in nature and permanently remove odor in various applications like municipal waste, waste water, garbage, fabrics, etc.

Anti Scaling Solutions

Our Anti scaling solutions are non corrosive and non toxic in nature and safer then other caustic based products. It removes hard water stains and scales very efficiently.